A visit to the library

Reading books in English was a topic in 4C and 4F, and it has become even more interesting during the Corona lockdowns. This is why the students were looking forward to visiting the library and exploring the English section. Prof. Albrecht and Prof. Wurm had set out a beautiful display of different kinds of books outside the library, and we also had a look at the variety of reading matter inside. The students really enjoyed the time, and here is their feedback:


  • Visiting the library in an English lesson was cool.

  • I liked the nice desks with the many interesting books.

  • The lesson was well organised and I enjoyed looking the different books.

  • It was nice that we could decide ourselves what we wanted to read.

  • It was something different.

  • I did not know there were so many English books.

  • It was cool to read in English.

  • The choice of books was great.

  • I found interesting books that were new to me.

  • I was surprised to see so many international authors.

  • The book display was a good idea.

  • The librarians did a good job.